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2016 TOJOY, we are together


Time flies suddenly a year has passed, we sent 2015 ushered in 2016, today we ushered in the annual meeting here, once a year, we share the 2016 annual meeting of bit by bit.

In the beginning of the year

The first year-end summary:

A year's plan is in the spring, the day of the plan in the morning. The beginning of the year will be a good beginning of the end of the year, and we enjoy the end of the year together to sum up this wonderful speech.



Second items of dumplings:

Who said the woman is not as good as men, anyway, in this part I was not as good as women have to say that the work of the most beautiful women.

Not much to say here, here to witness the "most beautiful".




Third outstanding staff certificates issued:

Don't want to be a general soldier is not a good soldier, can not get the excellent staff of employees is not the best staff

Although I didn't get, but at least I saw hee ah

The fourth is the last one:

A big fire, the sky is lit, warm the hearts of all Tianjiao, beautiful snowflakes outline a beautiful painting, wonderful performances, enthusiastic cheers. Team spirit again play very well.

This is a family, a family that is deeply attached to each other, a upliftings group. The new 10 years, we are together