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One family deeply attached to each other


In January 22, 2016, a good day harvest in this snow in 2015, the annual meeting of the company in a very warm family atmosphere of the farm was formally.

In the morning, we sat in a conference room on the two floor of the farm, the summary and reflection of the past year, the new year's thinking and expectations. The cause of the heavy snow, the middle of a few times the electricity, but we can not stop the pursuit of hope for the future! Some of my colleagues are passionate, some of my colleagues rather subtle point, but everyone has to report results and Prospect of actively preparing for work, for a better tomorrow for tianjiao. In the meeting, the selection of the various departments of the excellent staff, I am sorry that I did not, but the few colleagues did let me admire! They work very hard, everything in the interests of the company as the first, able to deal well with each colleague. I will take them as an example, and strive for outstanding staff award in the coming year!

Afternoon, we like one family together to make dumplings, all clear division of labor, wash dishes, and chop stuffing, stuffing and dumplings. In particular, I am surprised that our company's several male colleagues, take the initiative to help colleagues wash dishes dishes, but also very carefully and carefully, of course, is also a special clean dishes washed! Several colleagues mincing knife, really good, what kind do you want, they can make what kind of (here I want to point 32 praise). Each colleagues are doing their own things, we are surrounded by dumplings really have a kind of family members together in the new year feeling. There are many colleagues couldn’t make dumplings, but have come together to learn how to make dumplings, From the initial nor good to see the later has a kind of mold, their faces are filled with excitement and satisfaction. I secretly in a dumplings wrapped in a half spoon of chili powder, instead of coins of the lucky, and ultimately this lucky to be our hard-working photographer Xiao Yang to hit it!


In the evening, floating snow in the courtyard we held a bonfire, cold weather can not stop our enthusiasm. We sat in a circle around the fire, we played games together, we played together, we danced together, we were all together! We are sorry we sigh, there is also a surprise pleasure; we have individual combat, we have to unite. We are all together in laughter!

TOJOY  is a big family, we are all part of the big family. And to everything, only if we unite to make us a better tomorrow together!