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Gobang game: dark horse


On the occasion of the 2015 TOJOY ten anniversary, the company deliberately arranged at the annual meeting of the backgammon game open up a fresh outlook. Companies hope full participation, enhance the friendship between colleagues and competitive awareness, and create a healthy atmosphere.

We integrated Department colleagues mostly untouched 331, and my level is only a rookie entry level. In the face of Technology Master clouds, our department's strength was much weaker. Great pressure did not let me back down, but ignite my fighting spirit, for the honor of our department, I secretly determined to make sure they get down to. I firmly believe that I can do!

My success cannot do without my luck, also cannot do without the efforts of round the clock. As the saying goes: the harder the more fortunate! A person is not born with good luck, good luck is through hard work, slowly accumulated. As we work, to do a good job, do not work hard, how can make good results? If all dawdle over a muddle along without any aim, years down or standing still, I think God would take good luck in his head!

Since the declaration of 331 games, I think I don't want to go to the poor level, but thought that the company sponsored this activity the purpose is to make our family more harmonious. I as a member of the big family, although cannot take what position, at least I can contribute for the harmonious family of the force, and then I started to ask their master tips and skills. From the 331 rules to practice, from fear of resistance to accept, from the strange to the familiar, from the start point to the skill control, from imitation to flexible use...... I study hard, make efforts, for fear of what the link is not well, the spot not to play the best effect. Every night, you are still online to master for experience and methods. As we work, problems, often encounter all sorts of difficulties, success and failure in a moment of your courage, fear or escape? The chessboard like road arranged in a crisscross pattern and amazing future pieces, no confusion after the storms of life.

In my mind the most impressive or my first game, the opponent is unusually strong, is the best hope to win the championship. In the face of such a strong opponent, I sweat myself back from time to time, sweat, leg also shivering, even in the heart went pit-a-pat...... The game all is not smooth, like a drop of ice, the success and failure in an idea only, forward or backward? In the most difficult choices, I silently for yourself, "even if the transmission to lose something, even desperate or powerless I have a clear conscience." The first game in the moment there is a trend to lose, collapse! I am not willing, I try to struggle, I can not be scared, just under the last grain of chess, the sound of the call around in my ear, "for ourselves, for our collective, is our honor, we believe that you can do it, you can do it, you can do it!......". Suddenly I relaxed many, I try to analyze the opponent's game, after thinking for a moment of time, my eyes are bright, suddenly, "WOW, picked up the baby, why can't I use his hands to win the final victory?" Second I really deliver the goods after careful planning, welcome back the game. At this moment I am confident, I believe I can, I do, I am so excited! The Second Bureau of experience and information, third, I go all out, More fighting, the more brave, inspired all the fighting spirit, the exhaustion of all the forces of self defeating, won the last game.

After the end of the game I carefully summed up the experience, the following 6 points:

First, do a love. To learn how to convince yourself, don't try to succeed, if you don't try is always a failure, try at least 1% of the success.

Second, learn to create 2% to 1%. Is the so-called Practice makes perfect., enhance learning, strengthen self exercise, slowly became 1% 2%, or 3%.......

Third, suitable for their own way. Blind effort is not a big thing, time is changing, the situation is changing, we must find a suitable method, coupled with our efforts to achieve our desired results.

Fourth, bold but cautious. To face a strong opponent, first of all to calm down and think about the current situation, the rapid development of an effective solution,  not throw an egg against a rock, self defeating, can use a variety of tactics to drag the opponents in the adverse circumstances, to preserve their own strength, waiting for the opportunity to reverse the situation.

Fifth, flexible. We work in life there will be prosperity and adversity, in good times, modest and prudent and free from arrogance and impetuosity, steady. In the face of adversity, self encouragement, insight into the situation, self-reliance, unity and all the power to unite to tide over the difficulties.

Sixth, the trend and work, the inverse character and a man. We must work to do things, but also to learn how to behave, we are to help others to their own achievements, also to help others to improve themselves, to help people who need help, your heart will be sweet. Learn to respect others, make comprehensive quality and taste, in their support to get higher sublimation.

We are one family, our family through the Gobang game, more harmonious, more united, more harmonious. We are a dark horse, let us join hands to work together to make our company better, the company may cause on the upgrade, the new year to new heights!