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TOJOY ten years, the growth of gratitude


2015 is the tenth anniversary of our TOJOY growth, I was fortunate in this very meaningful year to join the next witness, TOJOY ten years of growth.

In the end of the year, the company's annual meeting is predictable, we have a joyous gathering, count the past year struggling stand together through storm and stress drops, listen to each department for summing up the work of last year, the vigorous development blueprint for the future outlook of the company, in joy at the same time, the heart also implicitly felt a weight of responsibility. Say "a person's success has its attractions a product's dominant market, often because of the unique advantages of an enterprise can through the strong wind and big waves champion, and certainly is closely related to the irresistible cohesion. "In the face of the economic downturn in 2015, we can improve the growth rate of funds, reduce the amount of money, which is closely related to our leadership and the efforts of each employee. By adhering to the concept of "home", let us feel the warmth of home, we are willing to "handle" TOJOY common progress and development.

Since the job, I was the first to participate in the work of farm music in the form of. This form of annual meeting, let me feel the warmth and happiness. In the morning, we summarize the shortage of the past year's work and the prospect of the next year, and issue the certificate of honor to the excellent staff. The afternoon is fierce 331 finals, and the beautiful Zhang  pie for us all, selfless dedication to you, your mouth did not taste, and we are laughing and talking, prepare the material wrapped dumplings. Dinner we eat their own dumplings, taste delicious Roasted Whole Lamb, the heart is more delicious. Although the night under the snow, but we did not feel the cold, surrounded by the fire, and actively participate in a variety of games, laughing at the opening of the yen. I was thinking, this is not a year, but a family gathering.

Looking back over the past year, staring at these lovely people in the team, it is destined to be a potpourri of spiritual journey. As for the past year, TOJOY people traveled, the achievements of carding, either shock or moved, whether it is tears or laughter, at this moment, it has gradually emerged beyond the power of time, because all the changes will eventually be projected into people's heart, and left indelible mark. The leaders of the language chastity voiced our common aspirations, Chen finally summed up, is to let every heart filled with hope for the future, hope and expectation of the family TOJOY.

When we work with more and more understanding, when our marketing mode to improve step by step, when our responsibility is more clear, when the product quality is more and more recognized by us, we have no reason not to believe, believe that this is a dream and hope we can bring the place. As people here is our dream TOJOY, harbor, we realize the dream of a place. "To endure, was destroyed by the impatient", all success takes time to wait for its fruit, believe TOJOY, believe in yourself, believe that this torrent like force. In order to make it come true, we need to remind ourselves of arrogance, towards the dream of a practical step by step forward.

2016, let us work together for the great man, work hard for our family, to create a brilliant ten years!