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I have seen a word, if you go to the end of the road, whether to continue to go down, or this sentence is very common, but a lot of words are in a specific situation to have a specific feeling. This sentence in my image is very deep, and until now this sentence has also been let me think about my answer is what.

As a recently graduated college students, stepping out of the community I am still full of expectations, but the reality is that it is not expected to be able to decide, and all need more efforts. Have to say that now the school education did not keep up the pace, whether or not the development of science and technology education equipment too fast or old, I feel the need to learn, although only three months time, I still feel a lot, in the company of course, this is also the company a good atmosphere for engineers they are careful to answer my question, after three months now I think about school graduation design program is not fit to be seen. In the time I came to know that our company is mainly manufacturing centrifuge control board and driver board, the control of motor brushless motor and variable frequency motor control board two, the show also has a digital display and liquid crystal display, and my first contact is the control panel procedures, not only that the motor control has many noteworthy places such as starting and braking, acceleration and deceleration, and protect the use and so on.

Recently received a project, although only part of the preparation of the program, but as I write the first program, for me, it is also quite a challenge. This time, there are good times, but impressive or stuck, my problem is very simple: not light up LCD LCD screen. On my way to solve this problem I tried a lot, I have used oscilloscope to adjust the waveform all day, but did not get it, I also got the test from the home that the source code is still not. Finally found that the data line is connected to the back. Perhaps the problem is very simple in hindsight, but at that time it really makes me helpless and depressed.

This project is also very simple, is to let the centrifuge is about 1000r/min, but the requirements are very high, such as startup to uniform start and so on, and one of the most important or the speed precision to achieve positive and negative 1r/min, as a series of centrifuge products, this requirement is very high, the use of the customer is a brushless motor, so the PWM regulation, the accuracy of PWM can be fine enough about 1r/min adjustment.

And this project is the final test of Shanghai's customers in person to bring the machine to debug. In the process of debugging, it is through this debugging I understand what customers value in the end. There is a saying that the attitude of all, and for us to do the product, what is the attitude? That is the details! Maybe you have the function that the customer wants, but just do it? The answer is no.! There is no denying the fact that I did not think so much earlier, so the customer is not satisfied with the start. So after talking, I understand the requirements of the customer, the function is indeed we have achieved. But why don't you do better? I began to seriously think about the procedures I wrote, began a series of changes under the guidance of customers.

The customer is very serious, is also very high, we have been thinking about how to improve the existing procedures, I also hope that the project will do better, since it can do better why not do better? Outside the box, so, communication is the basis of mutual understanding, is the customer's perspective higher than me, and we are so pleased, because only the customer demand is high, we can feel more achievements. Our boss also road is rough, the road of life is full of contradictions. I firmly believe that as long as they go, only to continue to go on the success of the people will be. I still can't give my answer, but I want to move on. Thanks to the customers from Shanghai to our company for supervision and guidance, I also hope that more customers can have more communication with us and guidance, because I believe that we can do better!